The Central Supplier Database maintains a database of organizations, institutions and individuals that can provide goods and services to government. From 1 April 2016, the DSC will serve as a single source of important supplier information for government bodies and will provide consolidated, accurate, up-to-date, complete and verified supplier information for procurement by public bodies. Before submitting your application, please let us know your general satisfaction with this application form. If you have any specific suggestions for the form, we are happy to read them below or send them to us at memberservices(at) Potential suppliers interested in opportunities within the South African government are encouraged to register in the central supplier database. This request for self-registration is an expression of interest on the part of the supplier to do business with the South African government. After submission, your data will be evaluated for inclusion in the central supplier database. I authorize CASA`s full pension contributions to be deducted monthly from my CALSTRS pension. This authorization is valid until it is revoked by written notice from me or Casa.

I agree to adjust this deduction to reflect any changes in annual dues approved by the CASA Board of Directors of which STRS may be notified by CASA. Are you represented by an exclusive negotiator? * Check below to become a member of one or more official CASA affiliates: Has any of our CASA member recruitment teams contacted you? If so, please let us know who they are so we can recognize them.* Proof of enrollment may include, among other things, a copy of your current enrollment form or a letter from your professor confirming enrollment. Please upload a proof of registration and the expiry date of the registration information Current annual salary (required for payroll deduction)* Would you like to volunteer and help shape the organization:* Please enter your name and personal email address and click the „Continue” button Please fill out this form carefully, then click „SUBMIT”, to submit your application for processing. The information requested below remains confidential and will only be used for ACSA purposes. The information is not sold to sellers or third parties. – Thank you, CASA Student Member Services members have no voting rights and are not allowed to serve as officers, directors or members of CASA committees, or professional legal services. Qualified members may remain in the student category for up to four years. In addition, there is a change in the type of membership and dues.

Has a CASA member recommended that you register? If so, please let us know who. Your browser is not one of the recommended CSD browsers. You may need to upgrade to the latest version because you may experience compatibility issues. For more information, see the FAQ. 2020-2021 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM (MONTHLY DEDUCTION ONLY) To learn more about your browser and the reasons to keep it up to date, see *Contributions in support of CASA`s political activities are not tax deductible. CASA reserves sole discretion regarding the use of members` political contributions. Contributions may be deductible as operating expenses. CASA estimates that the non-deductible portion of contributions that can be attributed to lobbying is 13.3%.

Have you been a CASA member for 12 months? * Dues are deducted in proportion to the number of months remaining in the school year for members who join after July (for new members only). RESTRICTIONS: A change from job title to administrative or supervisory title requires a change of regular membership. . . .