It is common to hear the appendix used to describe an extension of a building, but the word also has several other meanings and can be used both as a verb and as a noun. As a verb, adding usually means adding a part as a smaller or complementary feature to something larger. Imagine something like a contract with legal terms so abstruse that in the end it takes a special page to explain it, or a superhero movie with a „secret” scene after the credits. You could say that extras like these are attached to the originals to make them easier to use or enjoy. Note, however, that attachments to legal documents are often meant to be understandable in themselves. The appendix here refers to the possibility of adding a supplement to a written work. In this case, the addition of Leroux appendices is a layout of the yellow room of the same name, which is intended to help readers solve the riddle. Example: In the new sci-fi movie, Russia annexes much of Mars. Example: The writer adds an epilogue at the end of each of his novels. Example: I found the appendix to the manual with important definitions very useful.

Using the appendix as a name is much easier. In general, it is a small supplement that you add to enhance or develop something else. Usually, additions like these are physical, like an attachment at the end of your thesis listing your references, or a shallow section of your pool that you`ve installed so the kids can swim too. You`ll often hear the word used to describe smaller spaces or structures adjacent to pre-existing buildings to create extra space or perform a special function. And yes, it would be fair, although redundant, to say that you attach an attachment to something. Example: In the United States, the power to declare war is vested in Congress. As a name, an annex is part of a building or an extension of a main building, or can be an appendix, as in „an annex to current plans”. When used as a verb, the word means something else. Sometimes Appendix is used as a nice word to „take” or „seize,” as when Nazi Germany took control of the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia in 1938 and added it to its own territory. To attach something to what belongs to you, you have to take it away from someone else.

Separate, separate, separate, separate, remove, subtract, redact Continue, he and Hodgeman built a replacement wood tender to connect the entrance porch to the store. The left annex ilivator fell from thirteen floors on Thursday, but no wan was injured. Adjoin, Append, Connect, Attach, Affix, Add on, Arrogate, Appropriate, Seize, Acquire Annexure: Annexer is a name used in British English to refer to an addition to something bigger. Although an appendix is essentially an appendix, the term is often used specifically to refer to an explanatory supplement to a legal document or report. (From the territory) To get for incorporation into another dominion Example: Since I won the lottery, I have annexed my house with additions such as a library and an iguana room. Example: The state park annexed the abandoned property to serve as a nature reserve. Example: The philanthropist gave enough money to the hospital to build a new extension for elderly care. An additional or additional supplement; In particular, a clause or section added to a document or structure constructed from a main building as an extension building has another meaning as a verb, but it is sometimes considered a bit old-fashioned, and you may find it unintuitive. This sense of annexation is used to say that a small factor, such as a right, privilege, or responsibility, is related to a person or thing as a naturally necessary condition or part of it. When something is attached to people in this way, it is transmitted because something in them deserves or demands it. During a wedding celebration, the expectation of toasting is attached to the groom because that`s what grooms are traditionally supposed to do, and the right to cut the cake first is attached to the bride and groom because, well, that`s their wedding. You can also apply this meaning to an object.

For example, if you write a story about a tree, you can add special qualities to it because you wanted it to symbolize something. A few hours later, the annex itself was attacked and two of the same brave GRS militants were killed. For example, lexicographers often include a section of sample sentences in the entries they write. Once again, men began to appreciate the Empire, try to annex new territories abroad, and tie existing possessions more closely. Example: Students connected part of the canteen to have a debate. In this passage, Updike uses the appendix to refer to a small secondary section, in this case the brain of his character. As a result, this appendix contains something „special”: childhood memories and lessons that, while they play a role in determining who we are, usually do not play a primary role in our daily activities. With hundreds of NBC Sports employees staying at home at their Stamford headquarters due to capacity constraints in Japan — and because that headquarters has its own social distancing requirements — the company has created an extension to accommodate them. 1A building that is connected or connected to a main building and that provides additional space or accommodation. In appendix: This preterital form of annexation is used when a subject completes something with a complementary part or claims a territory like his own. From The Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux: Appendix, Supplement, Addition, Extra, Appendix, Extension, Ell This building would be perfectly symmetrical. if only he didn`t have the little extra part at the end.

It is obviously not part of the main structure: it is much smaller, the walls are made of a different material, and the color is much less washed out, which suggests that this is probably a new addition. It looks like it was glued after the fact, as an extra, as a supplement by an architect who felt that the original building was not quite enough. An additional little section like this is called an appendix. In British English, appendix is sometimes written appendix. Annex Medical Inc Annex Medical and Sacred Heart Medical are companies that develop, manufacture and sell medical devices. Cocaine and cannabis were also distributed at the party, which moved from addiction to the box of the main chapter. Electricity seems destined to annex the whole field, not only to optics, but probably also to thermotics. Attachments: This simple form of current annexation is used when a singular subject in the third person adds a secondary part to something else or claims a territory like his. Attachment as a secondary or additional part to something larger or prefabricated An extension is an extension or extension of a building. A small room next to a main room is an outbuilding, and attics are a different type of outbuilding. Annexationist: This name can refer to a person who adds an extra part to something else, or to a country or ruler who confiscates land.

However, it is most often used as an adjective to characterize a leader, country, or policy as being focused (perhaps excessively) on conquering territories. This team fought to return to CIA dependency on other Americans and held a low-level exchange of fire throughout the evening. As long as Nelson was plugged into baseball stats or that guitar or even rock records that threaded their sound through every fiber in the house, his occupation of the hallway space was no more uncomfortable than the persistence of Rabbit`s own childhood in an appendix of his brain; but when things started with hormones, girls, cars and beer, Harry wanted to get out of fatherhood. .