Are you a crossword enthusiast on the hunt for a new clue to solve? Look no further than the sound of agreement made with a closed mouth. This cryptic clue is a classic in the world of crosswords, and can be tricky to decipher for those new to the game. But fear not, with some knowledge of language and creative thinking, you can unravel this mystery in no time.

First, let`s break down the clue. „Sound of agreement” suggests that we`re looking for a word that means agreement, but is also a sound. It`s important to note that in the context of crosswords, a „sound” can refer to a phoneme – the smallest unit of sound in a language – rather than a literal noise. Usually, the phoneme will be the first sound in the word.

Next, we have „made with a closed mouth”. This indicates that the phoneme we`re looking for is pronounced with the mouth closed. This narrows down our options significantly, as many sounds in English require an open mouth to produce.

So which sound fits the bill? The answer is the „m” sound. When we say „mm-hmm” to indicate agreement or acknowledgement, our lips are pressed together. The word „mum” (meaning silent or secret) also starts with the „m” sound, and is a great example of a closed-mouth phoneme.

Now that we`ve cracked the code, we can fill in the answer to the crossword clue – „mumble”. This word not only contains the „m” sound we were looking for, but also fits the meaning of agreement made quietly or indistinctly.

In conclusion, the sound of agreement made with a closed mouth is the „m” sound, which can be found in words like „mm-hmm” and „mumble”. By understanding the language and thinking creatively, you can solve even the trickiest of crossword clues. Happy puzzling!